PhotoDet 2015

International Conference on New Photo-detectors
July 6-9, 2015, Moscow, Troitsk, Russia

The interactive museum
"Physical cabinet of curiosities"
of the House of scientists in Troitsk, Moscow

There are a lot of interesting exhibits here - extraordinary installations and "scientific secret devices" which can tell you about difficult physical phenomena in a simple and funny way.

Do you want to conduct an experiment yourself? Welcome! It's easy! Everything is possible here - it's possible to spin an "anti-gravitational" top which is hanging in a magnetic field; to whirl on the chair checking the law of conservation of momentum; to walk on the ordinary light bulbs without braking a single one of them; to sit comfortably on the chair studded with nails and even to become a galvanic power cell which is usually called "a battery".

You can get into the camera Obscura which is the prototype of modern cameras and focus an image of the object on the piece of frosted glass with your own hands. You can wonder how the stroboscope effect allows you to watch a drop of water hanging in the air, or even more - how it makes it move upwards, ignoring the great law - the law of gravitation.

Obviously, all these miracles are made by hands and can be explained. But the main idea of the exhibition is to make everyone who visited the museum, interacted with the exhibits and tried to find explanation to everything he saw, feel a real miracle inside - the miracle of wonder and understanding. You are welcome! Our doors are open to you!